The Empower Model for Men

Scott E. Clark (author)

This book is designed to guide you toward making the empowering personal choices that lead to greater fulfillment within any aspect of life. By living more consciously, you may begin to tap into your greatest potential for creating more love, joy, peace, and abundance. Organized within the seven steps of the "Empower Model", this book offers you the practical wisdom and tools to live More Consciously and Empowered! To live "consciously", is to live in present moment awareness, while aligning with higher principles. To be "empowered" means to live within the strength that supports us in choosing to honor ourselves and others in all situations. This is possible for all people, yet it takes more than wishful thinking, and it cannot be provided by anyone else. What is required is an incremental shift from within; the on-going practice of personal and spiritual growth and healing. This will take great courage, honesty, accountability, and the intention of living your life to its greatest potential. ARE YOU READY to live your highest purpose and potential?

The Empower Model for Men
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