SM 150-OL: Ayurveda Intro ONLINE

SM 150-OL: Ayurveda Intro ONLINE

This bundle includes:

  • Book of Ayurveda: Morrison (author)
  • Ayurveda Chart

Everything you will need for this class is included in the bundle. The items do not need to be purchased separately.


Please review what items come in this bundle before purchasing it. As with all of our materials, we only allow returns if you drop the class, so if you already own one of these items, you will need to purchase the remaining ones individually from the "Books" and/or "Charts" sections and not as a part of the bundle. If you purchase the bundle and already own one of the items, you will not be able to return it, so please ensure you are not ordering a duplicate item when purchasing this bundle.

SM 150-OL: Ayurveda Intro ONLINE
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