Nudges From Your Spirit

Melissa Corter (author)

What if there was a way to receive spiritual guidance and insight more often? What would it feel like to consult with your spirit and trust that the answers are for your highest good?

Melissa discovered the voice of her own spirit at a very early age and developed her intuition through many years of challenges, opportunities, and during the most tumultuous times. Her work as a spiritual photographer deepened her trust and abilities as she witnessed the strength through vulnerability and guiding clients to feel safe. Assisting people in reaching peace internally resulted in them showing themselves more authentically. Melissa discovered the power of guiding her clients to find their own inner voice.

Nudges From Your Spirit was born to help people strengthen the spiritual connection to themselves, as well as the "spirit team" that is available and eager to assist every one of us. All we have to do is learn their language.....and let them help us.

Required textbook for AG 101-OL: Introduction to Intuitive Guidance

Nudges From Your Spirit
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