Looking Under Things to Get Over Them

Joanne L. Gartner, PhD (author)

What's in YOUR subconscious? Giselle feels stuck in life and realizes a bad vacation experience seven years ago never released its grip of fear. Nick doesn’t understand the reason for a trait he’s had all his life and finds out it’s not from his own experience, but his mother’s when she was pregnant with him. Eric wants to know why he can’t stop his nail-biting and sees a time he was left to die in prison with nothing else to eat. For people expanding their awareness and interested in self-discovery, Looking Under Things To Get Over Them shows the kinds of information our subconscious holds that can answer questions we have about ourselves and our lives. Whether it’s a habit, another person we find challenging to deal with, or a situation we cannot see any purpose for, our subconscious can bring information to bear on it. You may find the cause lies in the recent past, early childhood, or before birth – typically it is an event anchored to strong emotion that we are not aware we are still carrying. Hypnotherapy acknowledges that our subconscious is always trying to help us, but sometimes needs to update the beliefs it’s storing to better serve us today.

Looking Under Things to Get Over Them
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