Intermediate and Advanced Acupressure Hot Pink Booklet

Provides anatomical illustrations of the 12 meridians, its paired organ meridian functions, the 24-hour meridian body clock energy flow cycle, acupressure touch qualities for tonification and sedation, and Meridian Pulse Reading.
This Acupressure Meridian Workbook lists the major potent acupressure points on each of the 12 meridians including: meridian base points, acupressure anchor points, traditional indications for using meridian point formulas, meridian source points, the acupressure balancing points, and acupressure base points with anatomical illustrations of each meridian pathway.
Based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, five elements applications are covered such as: the five body openings, five body fluids, TCM assessment smells, body assessment color tints, climate environmental conditions, five element emotions, TCM seasons, five elements breeding and control cycle, five element pulse reading, and meridian point recipes.
Contains special sets of acupressure points such as acupressure yu points, acupressure alarm points, acupressure entry points, and acupressure exit points. Detailed index.
Intermediate and Advanced Acupressure Hot Pink Booklet
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