Handmade Runes - Cobalt & Silver

These lovely runes are handmade by one of our very own SWIHA graduates, Danielle Clostermery. Each set of runes is handmade from polymer clay with the rune symbols carefully carved into the clay and hand-painted for better definition. Because of this, each set of runes is truly one-of-a-kind, so if you see a set you like be sure to buy it, because once it is gone it is gone for good!

This particular set of runes is made with a beautiful dark blue clay infused with sparkles. The symbols are cut into the clay and then defined with silver paint.

Each set of runes comes with a sheet to identify the symbols and what they mean, as well as an organza bag to store both your runes and the rune sheet.

Handmade Runes - Cobalt & Silver
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