Crisis Desert Emergency

Crisis Desert Emergency Formula (10 mL dropper bottle)

Flower Essence Description:

This formula is applicable in any instance where we need to bring our focus back to the present, wherein all answers and support lie. It facilitates appropriate response in any type of situation. This essence can help calm physical, mental, or emotional stress or crisis.

Contains: Aloe, Cliff Fendlerbush, Desert Holly, Klein's Pencil Cholla Cactus, Purple Aster.

Indicated when:

  • I am having a physical, emotional, or spiritual crisis right now
  • I am having difficulty staying focused and being "in the moment."
  • I am just having a "bad day" and need some support.
  • I want to have one flower essence that is useful for any challenging circumstance or emergency

Size: 10 ml (.34 fl oz)

Crisis Desert Emergency
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