Children's Past Lives

Carol Bowman (author)
When her young son's hysterical fear of loud noises is cured by past life regressionist Norman Inge, and her daughter's fear of house fires is likewise laid to rest, Bowman, who had already been regressed by Inge, began to explore past-life regression techniques and theories, particularly as they relate to young children. Part memoir, part guidebook for parents, part summation of the works and philosophies of such respected authorities as Jungian therapist Roger Woolger, psychologist Helen Wambach and psychiatrist Ian Stephenson, among others, this book argues passionately for the existence of past lives and for the special abilities of young children to recall their pre-birth memories. Topics covered include death accounts by children, the way phobias may be connected with death in a past life, particularly a traumatic death, and the signs that indicate that a child is struggling with an unresolved past-life burden. Once remembered, a death may become a source of inspiration, according to Bowman. Clearly written, though at times not clear in its chronological layout, this study should appeal to a broad range of New Age readers. 
Required textbook for HY 350-OL Hypnotherapy- Past Life Regression

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Children's Past Lives
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