Linda Bennett (writer/composer)

Celebration is a guided meditation designed to enhance the listeners' self-respect and self-confidence.  During the process or relaxation, there is the opportunity to quiet the conscious, often critical, mind and allow the subconscious mind to assist in the most beneficial way in the healing process.  The metaphoric images suggested in this process are designed to ease self-doubt, fears and anxiety and bring about renewed feelings of self-love and appreciation. Much has been written about the power of intention and the intention of this CD is to celebrate the uniqueness and grandness of each individual allowing those qualities to expand within and be the catalyst in manifesting a future filled with abundant blessings.  There is great benefit in listening to this CD often, and each time you do, allow this inner celebration to expand and become the outward celebration of your true greatness.

24:05 Minutes
Written & Performed by Linda Bennett
Copyright Linda Bennett

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