Calling All Lightpreneurs

Elmas Vincent (author)

Are You A Lightpreneur? If so, you may face some of the challenges that other Lightpreneurs do: ~ Having a hard time charging for what you do ~ Being fearful that you are going to fail ~ Fearing that it just might succeed... then what ~ Trouble paying the bills doing your purpose ~ Constantly being overwhelmed with details ~ Finding it difficult to market “You” ~ Doubting your purpose ~ Lacking focus This book was written for you. “Calling All Lightpreneurs” will help make your journey easier while creating an even greater impact on the world, and opening you up to prosperity while doing it. Whether you are just starting out, an "accidental" non-profit or been a Lightpreneur for awhile and ready to take it to an entirely new level, "Calling All Lightpreneurs" has tools and information that can help you. What is a Lightpreneur? Lightpreneur is a term that was coined by Elmas Vincent while working with practitioners in the "light" community. It has come to encompass anyone who has a business with a goal of making the world a better, brighter place. The author has the educational background including an MBA, the business experience and several years of business coaching and consulting to draw from to share the basics of creating a successful business / practice. He believes in the KISS philosophy of doing business. His mission is to help those who are trying to create a positive impact do it while creating abundance in their own life so they can keep doing what they are supposed to be doing and to help them magnify the impact they are creating.

Calling All Lightpreneurs
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